To find an adventure, you must be unprepared.

 Somebody asked me a question:” To which part of France you are going?” I said – don’t know.

When I was booking ticket, I wanted to go to Paris, so I looked up flights to France. I booked ticket to airport, which isn’t even near Paris. In first second I was surprised, because nothing like that happened with me before.

Next thought was – as I did this mistake I need to compensate, I must study some roads and transports, to be able quickly get back on the road. But that time I was overloaded with work, so I left it.

Couple days left till departure, and I’m getting more excited, as I don’t have a clue what I will do there and how I will find a way to Paris. The only thing what I did, to be better prepared for this trip – I bought the camcorder. Never tried before, but always wanted. So I will give a try.

What is adventure? – An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

Being unprepared is the same as walking in ‘unknown’ dark room. You can’t expect anything – you can trip, hurt some body part, meet somebody/thing, etc. As my experience shows, people tend to live in illuminated room. People like to live, in some way, for future. Living at present is considered as danger. Who like dangerous situations? I know that I don’t.

Blindness comes together with the preparation. As you are prepared for some activity, you can see and predict some part of things what may happen, you have a main road – to target. But what happens with all side roads, back roads? When mind is occupied with all that “right stuff for you”, there is no space for side roads.  For most possible activities there is already a solution prepared. Running out of cash, no worries there is saving account for this type of cases. In case of boredom I have my Gameboy with me. We are fulfilling our lives with things, so there is no space for unknown therefore there is no danger – adventures. Life turns in to do list – just follow these simple steps and you will be fine.

So this type of life style excludes adventures. Maybe we don’t need them?

Imagine cave men – he is living adventures life. When you are hunting with primitive tools, you are putting yourself in danger. You can only be prepared for very little things.

So is it evolution? As nowadays human don’t hunt – there is no danger. Tools are so advanced, that you could take out a country with one button press.

Nowadays it’s possible to simulate many things, so soon maybe all extreme sports will disappear one day, similar to gladiators.

So in future our environment may be soft, warm and without unknown.


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