Dive in

Last time my experience with application development for android was frustrating. Time passed and new tools came out. This time i wanted to try something around game development, so i looked up and found Corona Sdk.

There is a free version of Corona Sdk for try out. After installation and playing around I was satisfied. Everything was documented, and if there was a problem it was very easy to find solution via forum.

Just couple hours to make a simple physical game – cool

Indie licence is a must to publish games. So i moved further.

I discovered Gideros , with Community licence the doors are open for publish. Only thing is Gideros splash screen. Not a big deal.

It was harder to get in, because of documentation, all the rest was fine. They are still keeping focus on engine development, so it’s not jet well documented.

Just spent more time on browsing some example and everything was ok. In two weeks time i finished Sudoku puzzle game( i always was curious about Sudoku puzzle generation algorithm). Now i just need to wait for Google developers account approval.

Now it’s time to play around some application development – Titanium 


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